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"El's Alolan Adventures" is a series of pokemon fancomics created in my spare time. These comics take place after the events of pokemon sun and moon and feature

multiple characters owned by gamefreak, with the exception of the main protagonist.

For a better understanding of the story, you can read a summary of the main

events of Sun and Moon here


These comics have been a great exercise to expand on my skills in storyboarding, script writing, world-building and character development and are meant to be read through like a storyboard of an animated movie. 


For an overview of all comics,

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an unexpected friend

originally posted february 2017 

When Guzma, a bug type trainer and former gang leader disbands his team,

his old Master Hala offers him to become his student once more and make up for the trouble he caused as the boss of Team Skull. But Guzma seems to hesitate.

It's not until one of his rivals approaches him one night, that he reconsiders the opportunity he's been given...

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Guzma and Latias

originally posted april 2019 

As El returns from the

Hoenn region back to Alola with a couple of her most beloved pokemon, one in particular sticks out the most. It doesn't take long until Guzma tries to provoke her into a battle, in hopes of getting to brag about defeating a legendary dragon.

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"You got a License for that?"

originally posted july 2019 

A harmless ride on the back of Latias has unforeseen consequences in Alola.

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