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The secret world of


Anker Geheime Welt der Gartendrachen

The secret world of Gardendragons introduces readers to a hidden world right

in front of their doorsteps, where tiny dragons live in gardens and meadows, protecting  the pollinators they depend on for survival and camouflaging as vibrantly blooming flowers.


The series features the Adventures of FIO & TIKA, two young dragons on their quest

to save a bee-hive and find a new home, as their world rapidly changes with every new season.
The series also includes a Guide book featuring all seven documented Gardendragon-species. 

All books highlight and explain various environmental topics, from the importance of pollinators

 to the decline of insects, agriculture, monocultures, the balance of nature and much more,

all wrapped up in colorful Adventures for both children (7+) and adults to enjoy

From Fall 2017 to Summer 2022, the book series was published at a local publisher in Hamburg called KJM Buchverlag.


Now the series is looking for a new publishing house to expand on the Novels and the Guide book, with a newly updated manuscript.


"Die geheime Welt der Gartendrachen" (The secret world of gardendragons ) is a german children's book that introduces children and parents to seven tiny dragon species that hide in their garden. With their unique flames they can grow plants in an instant, building themselves a home where they can hunt for food and attract bees to pollinate their flowers. Gardendragons are the sworn protectors of bees, who they depend on in order for their host plants to continue to flourish and grow in the following year.

Through a mix of facts and fantasy, "The secret world of gardendragons" intends to teach both children and adults about the importance of bees and what we can do to save them. With seven different flowers and their dragons introduced, the book offers tips on how to make both your balcony and garden more bee- and dragon-friendly, and encourages children to explore and observe nature around them more closely. 

Published in October 2017

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Anker Fio und Tika




"Fio & Tika und die Rettung der Bienenkönigin" (Fio & Tika and the rescue of the bee queen) is a german children's book and the first adventure story of the secret world of Gardendragons. 


When the Clover Sprites hear about an imminent threat approaching their home, there’s no doubt for the young dragon Fio: He has to warn the bee colony on the other side of the rapeseed field! Together with Tika, a young, mysterious Snowdrop dragon, the tiny Clover Sprite sets forth on a journey to save the queen bee before it's too late.

180 pages, includes 14 book illustrations

Published in April 2020

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Anker Wildbienenbuch




"Die sieben Gartendrachen und ihre Freunde - die Wildbienen"

(The seven gardendragons and their friends - the wild bees) is a german pocketbook for children featuring seven poems about the seven gardendragon species and seven wild bees native to North Europe. 

This 48-page long pocketbook includes detailed illustrations of seven wild bee species (both male and female specimen) and is meant to introduce children to the wide variety of solitary bees in our gardens! With new colorful illustrations of the gardendragons, its the perfect gift for children, parents and friends of both bees and dragons!

Published in April 2019

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GARDENDRAGONS - Illustration Reel Spring 2018
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GARDENDRAGONS - Illustration Reel Spring 2018

GARDENDRAGONS - Illustration Reel Spring 2018

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Gardendragons Storyboard 2018

Gardendragons Storyboard 2018

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Two weird dragons on a mushroom having a very serious conversation

Two weird dragons on a mushroom having a very serious conversation

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The tiniest of Dragons | Gardendragons | Animation

The tiniest of Dragons | Gardendragons | Animation

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